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The group brainstorming process is imperative at Diamond View. Want a video but not sure how to conceptualize it? Don’t worry, we got you.


We are a high-energy team who gets things done quickly and efficiently. We wear many hats and promise to keep shoots lighthearted and organized.


Everything we do is done in house, allowing us to deliver your video in a timely manner. We work with you to ensure the video is exactly how you envisioned, with some added Diamond View spice.


Here at Diamond View Studios we’re anything but normal. A business like ours thrives on creativity, and we do all we can to foster a collaborative and engaging work environment. From group brainstorming sessions to Friday outings, we believe a close team delivers cohesive videos.  If you visit, don’t be surprised to see us riding a scooter from office to office or delivering notes via paper airplane. This isn’t your usual 9-5.




Your Orlando Video Production:
From Vision to Reality

Diamond View Studios is a full-service local video production company dedicated to supercharging your video strategy.

Whether you’re shooting a commercial, developing a video-based campaign, or prepping for a big corporate event, you can count on us to deliver the ultimate video production in Orlando.

World-Class Video:

Our Orlando Video Production Company

From shooting big commercials to designing corporate short films, Diamond View Studios has the full spectrum of experience. Our video production blends the level of service you’d expect from a local studio and the production quality you’d get from the country’s top commercial and video producers.

We’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest celebrities, from former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal to “Saturday Night Live” star Kenan Thompson, but we’re equally at home working with you and the people who make your company click.

Our producers know that the best performances happen in fun, creatively charged atmospheres. They also know that it takes intense planning and pre-work to create a relaxed set.

We work with our clients on every aspect of production, including storytelling, location, set design, costume design, and hair and makeup. In addition to vibrant on-screen images, every video we produce features impeccable sound design and music selection. We do more than just live shoots; if you want animation and motion graphics, we can deliver.

Creativity in Action

Every image and sound in your video is designed to tell a story, but you might not know which story you want to tell right now.

Our creative team can help.

Some clients know they want to create a video, and they know what they want the video to accomplish. How it gets there, what it looks like, how the narrative unfolds — for many clients, these are unknowns.

Don’t let uncertainty about what you want keep you from starting your project. Our creative team can bring an existing vision to life if you have one, but you don’t have to start with something definite. At Diamond View, our culture thrives on the exchange of ideas through creative brainstorming sessions. We’ve assembled a talented team that combines impeccable technical know-how with unbeatable originality and style. We believe in structure and organization, but we also know when to let a creative vision evolve. Your video idea might start as one concept and morph into something completely different for your final product — and that’s OK.

Bringing Ideas to Life

Our high-energy team knows how to get things done quickly and efficiently. We organize live shoots that are relaxing and fun, enabling us to get incredible raw footage from your players. The secret to creating great video, however, involves more than just on-set brilliance. It requires insightful post-production assembly and editing to create the final package.

Diamond View uses the latest equipment on set, and we rely on cutting-edge technology in post-production. Seamless editing, vivid images, and crystal-clear sound come together in our in-house production hub. Because we do everything within our own studio, we deliver on time and within budget.

We’re committed to superior artistry and service. Our reputation as one of the top video production companies in Orlando depends on it.

What We Can Do for You

Some of our clients come in with scripts and storyboards for their videos. Others come in with little more than a vague desire to incorporate video into their marketing strategy. Wherever you are in your visual marketing lifecycle, Diamond View Studios will meet you there.

Political messaging

Every political candidate needs commercials to inform voters about their platform.

Let Diamond View frame your message and show the voters who you are.

Broadcast commercials

Bring your message to a big audience by creating a memorable commercial for your brand. We combine outstanding visuals with your market research, creating advertising for television, the Web, second screens, and social networks.

Animation and motion graphics

Whether you want a fully animated video or you want a seamless blend of live footage and animation, our award-winning team of visual artists will bring your images to life.

Educational videos

People look to their favorite brands for knowledge, and educational videos build strong bonds with your audience. We’ll help you create a how-to series for your YouTube channel, or we’ll use video to teach your audience about your company’s history.

Getting Started

Diamond View Studios is ready to collaborate on your project. We’re available through multiple channels, so start your project in the way that works best for you.

You have a video idea living in your imagination. It’s time to bring it into the real world. Take the first step toward a cohesive visual marketing strategy.

Contact Diamond View Studios today!

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