Storytelling + Video

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Storytelling is an ancient art that has existed since the beginning of mankind. Cavemen used to depict stories on their walls using simple drawings of humans, animals and the nature that was around them. As language developed, so did our ability to tell stories. And, as technology developed, so did the medium we use to tell them.

Stories are found everywhere. From books to marketing to pitches. And with the rise of the digital age, video storytelling has propelled itself to the top as the best way to tell stories. It is the most engaging form of storytelling because of how dynamic and intimate it can be.

The Global Film & Video Industry is over $40 billion a year and is a larger story-telling market than all other story-telling mediums combined.

Given the sheer scale of the video industry there are a large number of Video Production Companies. But even if we assume they are all on a level playing field in terms of skill and expertise, with regards to equipment and software, the ability to be a storyteller and a good one at that is very rare. This is why people do not emotionally connect with a lot of marketing campaign out there. The challenge with good storytelling is that it is a very complex structure that is different for each brand and audience and often times marketers create stories based on other stories they’ve seen. This story laudering technique has a degenerative effect over time and is very common in the broadcast commercial industry. This ultimately makes good storytelling stand out even more when you see it. So keep in mind, it’s not just the quality of the video that matters, it’s more important to have quality storytelling.

Video has the power to capture and resonate human emotion better than any other medium. This is what makes it the best platform for Brand Storytelling.

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