We know that video content is king in today’s ever-growing digital landscape but not all video content is created equal. So, what would you say if we told you a high-speed robot is just what you need to take your marketing content to the next level? Enter the Bolt Cinebot. Check out 4 ways the emergence of this new high-speed robot is revolutionizing video content as we know it.

1. It can do what human camera operators can’t. The Bolt Cinebot is a remote controlled, high-speed robotic arm. It tracks movement at over 8 meters per second and can perform precise camera moves down to the inch. This means it can capture sophisticated camera moves at a very high speed and showcase your product or brand in a never-before-seen way. Today, creating something truly unique is harder than ever, but with the Bolt Cinebot you can guarantee it has the ability to create unparalleled creative content. 

2. Amidst the pandemic, it allows for Virtual Production and XR. With travel restrictions at an all-time high, and safety a top priority, the Bolt allows crew and talent to safely distance with remote operation. When paired with a high-resolution LED screen background, the robot allows a new type of production known as “Virtual Production or XR (extended reality)”. By connecting the LED screen and the robotic arm’s motion data through Unreal Engine, producers can create a 3-D virtual set that is practically indistinguishable from a real-life set. This allows any scene or background to be captured in the studio without need for travel, saving both time and budget.

3. New Content opportunities. Thinking about revamping consumer product shots? Want to shoot a sporting event and provide never-before-seen angles to the viewer? The Bolt Robot changes the game by allowing the operator to visually engineer every shot precisely with it’s agile and portable rig. Combined with the high speed track, the Bolt can race alongside the action to provide dynamic and immersive perspectives. 

4. Unreal Engine & the Growing Future. With Unreal Engine and automated image capture technology, the Cinebot can help construct mixed reality images that allow real actors to be immersed in virtual environments such as real estate renderings or prototype visualizations. By showing real people in future real estate developments, marketers can demonstrate a realistic experience of a development before a single shovel breaks ground on construction. Similarly, it can show products in use that have yet to be developed before a prototype is ever made. 

From high-tech camera ops to virtual production to capturing unique creative, the Bolt Cinebot is transforming the way we do video and accelerating the production industry into the future. The possibilities are truly endless!

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