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Let’s be honest, most commercials are boring, unauthentic and quite frankly a waste of time. With interest spans decreasing everyday, hooking an audience with a commercial that adds value to their life is harder than ever… Or is it?

With so many media outlets, social networks and content platforms to choose from, people can watch what they want, when they want. They won’t stick around to watch your commercial if they’re not truly interested in it. The key is understanding that this audience fragmentation and declining interest in ads is actually an advantage to Brand Storytelling marketers!

Brand Storytelling is the art of describing your purpose, values, and unique offering in an effort to inspire an emotional reaction.

Right now, an interesting phenomenon is occurring in which millions of Americans are binge-watching seasons of content on Netflix and Hulu. Literally, sitting on the couch for 5-6 hours consuming entire seasons of a show. Why? Because they’re emotionally connected to the story and hooked to the narrative. This is the same goal of brand storytelling.

Humans inherently want real interactions, and authentic connections so we can relate and resonate with each other. Telling stories about your brand with meaning and truth allows these type of connections to occur. You can literally get your audience on the edge of their seat wanting more and more of your content if you can connect with them emotionally through an artfully told story. This is the big secret to the new age of marketing: produce art, not ads.

Focusing on features and benefits will sell a product, but inspiration will ignite a memorable reputation and a lasting customer base. Let your competition run their paid “Yell and Sell” direct ads and watch their audiences deplete overtime while you stay focused on adding value to your audience base and let them do the organic sharing and marketing for you.


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