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We’re all familiar with emotion. The joy you feel when you accomplish a new goal. The sadness you feel from losing a loved one. The renewed sense of confidence you get after someone gives you a compliment. But how powerful is human emotion? Some psychologists would argue that it’s the most powerful tool to employ in marketing and advertising. 

The Rise of Sadvertising: Why Brands Are Determined to Make You CryNot only are advertisements that evoke emotions more likely to be recalled, but according to a recent article in Fast Company, modern marketers believe consumer decision-making is driven largely by our subconscious feelings towards a brand rather than logic and cold facts. Furthermore, by appealing to emotion as a brand, you are more likely to develop deep connections with consumers, which as we know, results in brand loyalty and turns customers into brand ambassadors. 

So as a brand how do you tap into these influential human emotions and consequently motivate your audience to action? Some of our culture’s most beloved brands have paved the way. 

In 2019, Nintendo released their “Two Brothers” commercial which evoked a strong sense of nostalgia; an emotion that Mad Men advertising executive, Don Draper, refers to as one of the most potent. 


Not only does the video relate common experiences such as arguing with siblings and growing older, but it evokes the memory of what it feels like to be a child playing video games and transports the audience back to that moment.

Another brand that has established itself as a cornerstone in society by appealing to emotion is Coca-Cola. They often rely on emotions associated with nostalgia, personalization, and friendship. For example, in 2011 they launched the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign which placed popular names on coke bottles (psychologically, anything personal such as recognizing our own name is one of the best ways to gain attention), encouraging friends and family to come together to “share a coke”. This initiative and subsequent advertisements proved one of the brand’s most recognizable campaigns to date. 

"Share a Coke with Friends" AdvertisementAuthor Douglas Van Praet once wrote, “emotions, not words, are the universal language of humans”. Time and time again this has proven to be true and effective in advertising and in life. That’s just one reason that at Diamond View we don’t just create videos, but we make video you can feel.


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