story first

The old model of heavily promoting products to drive transactions is a game of catch and release. If you amplify an advertisement enough, you will get a response, but in the absence of this amplification, the response rate decreases dramatically. Today marketplace is beginning to reward the merit of your creative over the size of your ad spend.

No budget videos can become viral overnight successes with a great story. For example, Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches struck a chord with audiences across the globe because of its authenticity and message about the importance of positive self image. On the other end multi-million dollar yell and sell commercials can annoy audiences more than they attract them. We are living in a time where its imperative you make content that people will love in order to be seen. Traditional marketing is like a one night stand. You are engaging in a relationship purely for the end transaction however the lifetime value means little to nothing.

Purpose-driven marketing, on the other hand, is all about lifetime value.

It’s more like looking for your life companion. You’re seeking the right connection at the right time to the right person. Budweiser’s water donation program is a great example of this by sending cans of fresh drinking water to victims of natural disasters.

If you play all your cards right, on the first encounter, you might get a second date. And if you prove yourself on the second date, you could start a relationship.

The desire for the sale in Purpose-Driven Marketing comes secondary to the desire for the relationship. Therefore, the mindset of the process changes from value extraction to value addition.

Think about the process you take when courting a companion. You spend time and money. You provide value and insight. You give much more than you take, and in return for all this, you receive loyalty. Had you skipped the previous steps and asked for loyalty, it would have never worked out. Or, if your only objective was purely transactional, the long-term relationships would have very little depth and likely not succeed. You need to give to your customers first.

The point is, why date your audience when you can marry them?


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