Young boy on the beach from purpose story video by Diamond View.

In 2003, our founder Tim went on a missions trip to the Dominican Republic with his local church. Little did he know, it would be the trip that changed his life for good and started Diamond View. While in line at the airport he was given a camera by the group leader and told he would be the “video guy” for the entirety of the trip. Tim accepted the challenge and ended up spending the remainder of the trip falling in love with seeing the world through this new lens. After several days of non-stop shooting, he flew back home and began to edit his first real video. After a few days of watching all the moments playback like a puzzle on the screen, he debuted it to the church congregation. What he witnessed next would become a driving force behind Diamond View’s mission.

Tim noticed several of the audience members being moved to tears during the video. This emotion took Tim by surprise, he wasn’t sure what to think. Then, moments later he witnessed the outpour of donations following the video. To his surprise, the majority of the audience contributed to the cause. Intrigued by the hundreds of people who were giving money to people they had never met, and to a cause they had never seen, Tim realized the positive power of video and became fascinated with the idea of using video for good.

The next four years, Tim worked at the church making hundreds of videos to perfect his craft. In 2007, in the library of his community college, he founded Diamond View Studios, a professional video company. While also pursuing his degree in marketing, he spent the next three years growing the Diamond View founding team with his longtime friends Joe Pelham, Jon Davila, Nick Rua, and Anthony Santa. Today, each of these people are still with Diamond View today in pivotal roles as the Studio Manager, Vice President, Senior Creative Director and Director of Business Development, respectively.

In 2014, the team grew from five team members to a team of fifteen. Outgrowing their current office, Diamond View purchased their headquarters located in North Tampa. Now, six years later, Diamond View is over 25  team members strong with offices in Tampa, Miami and Atlanta. Most importantly, today, Diamond View is still on the same mission as it was since the beginning: to use video as a force for good.