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It’s that time of year again. For football fans and non-fans alike to come together with friends, and enjoy watching the world’s top brands duke it out during the commercial breaks for “best new ad.” A lot of laughs, cuteness and beer. And I’m here to break down my top 5 best ads for the 2020 super bowl commercial gauntlet.
1.) Google | Loretta

Google always hits home with their simplistic, interface-forward ads. And coming from Diamond View, an agency that strives to create emotionally-charged short-form advertisements, this one takes the cake. I’ve always been impressed by their ability to create compelling content with extremely low production value. No tricks or gimmicks. Simply the Google website and app interface, and the calming voice of an old man. As they ad plays, you’re taken on a journey through this man’s love life with his late wife Loretta. Accompanied by a heartbreaking piano melody. For a one-minute ad, the fact that I was crying by the end is pretty incredible. The little touches, like him calling to his dog at the end, for example, create an atmosphere and empathy for a character whose face you never see. Absolute genius, and storytelling at its best.
Rocket Mortgage | Jason Momoa

When you think “Super Bowl Ads,” you think funny. And Rocket Mortgage brought out the big guns this year with their “sanctuary” piece, featuring Jason Momoa. Known mainly for his roles in Game of Thrones, Aquaman and the recent “See” series on Apple TV, fans recognize Jason as a man’s man. Tall. In-shape. Big beard and piercing eyes. Probably the most famous simoan beast since Dwayne the Rock Johnson. And Rocket Mortgage used that perception as ammo for this spot. Most big brands produce ads for the Super Bowl that try to utilize big-name cameos to help build brand retainment. But few use their cameo as brilliantly as Rocket Mortgage does here. They don’t simply show-face. They participate in a cheeky roast of the star in a way that everyone can understand and enjoy. And it made me laugh out loud.
Bud Light Seltzer | Post Malone

This is one of two Budlight ads post did this year. Now, I may be a little biased, being a huge Posty fan. And Posty fan’s know he LOVES his Budlight. So personally for me, I felt more connected to the brand because I knew it would being endorsed by somebody who actually consumes it on a regular basis. But what I like most about these ads (and this one in particular) is how simple they are. It’s a super simple idea that definitely isn’t the most original. Being inside someone’s head and investigating their motivations has been done many times. Pixar’s “Inside” comes to the forefront, of course. But what makes this a fresh take on a stale idea, is the execution. It’s absolutely flawless in terms of what cuts and angles they used to tell the story, and it hits every time. Coming from somebody who spends a lot of their time editing in a dark cave, I find myself constantly looking for “fat” in spots that I would cut away if given the project. These spots are lean, clean and hit the mark. They also explore a few funny ideas about what may actually be going on inside Post’s head specifically, which ads a personal touch to the concept, and takes it to a whole new level of hilarity.
GMC | Hummer EV

We see our boy LeBron in this ad. If you missed this one, I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s a 30 seconds that feels like 10. And that’s because of how it’s edited. Again, coming from an editor, the choices made in this ad were bold. And I think they paid off. The cutting-to-silence not only grabbed my attention, it drew it to the point of focus, which was the text. Because the information was being expressed in such a unique way, I feel like I retained it more, which helps with brand awareness. I’d personally never by a GMC, let alone a Hummer, but because of their effective ad construction, I could probably recite the entire script back to you and tell you which shot went where. That means they did their job effectively and made a commercial that is going to stick with people long after the final touchdown.
Inspire Change NFL

I wanted to put this one on the list because it showcases what Diamond View is all about, which is the concept that video can be used as a force for good. I had never heard this story, mostly because I’m not the most avid sports fanatic. But seeing it in the way they chose to portray it was really compelling and it touched my heart. From the first few seconds, I was hooked. The editing flashes to the sound of the gunshots stick in my brain. And following that up with a fathers desperate and painful cry for his lost son was heartbreaking. After doing some research on this story, and learning that the officer responsible was convicted of murder and put in prison, the call to action was even stronger for me. The ad showed that circumstantial justice isn’t enough. But rather, the importance of an ongoing fight for justice and equality, and how it is imperative each and every one of us to participate. In addition to all of that, for the NFL to sponsor this ad in light of last year’s whole Colin Capernick controversy, shows bravery and commitment. They willingly opened themselves to further contrevsary by putting their stake in the ground and saying “this is our fight.” That is something I respect, and it’s one of the reasons why I chose this ad as one of the top 5 super bowl ads of 2020.
So that’s it! Do you agree with this list? Let us know at @DiamondView on Instagram, and share your favorites with us! We can’t wait for the super bowl next year, in our great hometown of Tampa Bay. Who knows… Maybe we’ll be on someones list some day.


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