Super Bowl LV: A Year of Firsts

The biggest entertainment event of the year is upon us and the anticipation is real. As a creative video agency, each year we look forward to the Super Bowl commercials almost as much as the big game. And this year, being a Tampa born business, we couldn’t be more excited to have a front-row seat to some of the most impactful advertising and entertainment campaigns in the country.

Super Bowl LV is a year of many “firsts”; the first team to play with home field advantage, the first Super Bowl played with only a fraction of the fans, and the first female ref to officiate in the big game. It also marks the first time several brands are shelling out for one of the most coveted advertising spots in the industry. So, let’s dive into which companies are making their Super Bowl commercial debuts. 

  1. Chipotle, ‘Can a burrito change the world?’: In its first-ever Super Bowl ad, the fast food chain leans into corporate social responsibility to pose the question, “What if a burrito could change the world?”. The 30-second ad features a young boy imagining how the burrito he’s holding could change the world for the better. It marks an effort by Chipotle to invest in the careers of young farmers, and further their commitment to ‘Food with Integrity’ which brings awareness to food sourcing that is sustainable and reduces carbon emissions, saves water, and supports local growers.
  2. Fiverr, ‘It Starts Here’: After a reported 88% growth in revenue at the end of Sept. 2020, the online platform for freelancers, will make it’s Big Game debut with an extension of their ‘It Starts Here’ campaign,which focuses on 3 small businesses that benefit from freelancers. The company is tight-lipped about the details, so this is one that you’ll have to wait until Sunday to see.
  3. Indeed, ‘#NowHiring’: Amid record-high unemployment rates over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Indeed makes their Super Bowl debut as part of their ongoing commitment to pandemic relief. In the spirit of authenticity, the spot even features successes and setbacks from real-life job seekers, and is ultimately aimed to bring hope to those impacted by unemployment. “During the game, job seekers can also use the hashtag #NowHiring to find open roles within other Super Bowl advertisers’ companies and industries, in the hopes of showing people how many jobs are available right now.” While the commercial hasn’t been released yet, you can catch it during the first quarter of Super Bowl LV. 
  4. Mercari, ‘Get Your Unused Things Back In The Game’: This popular e-commerce platform helps resellers get their unused items “back in the game.” For it’s 15-second Super Bowl spot, it repurposes a running ad from it’s “Goodbye, Hello” campaign. The spot uses a film technique known as parallax effect to show how one person’s old or unused items are another person’s treasure.
  5. Vroom, ‘Dealership Pain’: In a 30-second comedy spot, the online automobile seller compares and contrasts the experience of a man being ‘tortured’ by a car salesman at a dealership to the same man lounging in his yard as his new car from Vroom is delivered to his front door. The investment in a Super Bowl ad comes on the heels of an incredibly successful year for the brand, as people worldwide were forced to find new alternatives for everyday activities such as buying a home or a car.

While several companies are advertising for the first time, many others are skipping Super Bowl spots for the first time this year. Recognizable brands such as Budweiser, Coke, Hyundai, and Pepsi are all among those who will be absent from the lineup during Super Bowl LV. For some, it’s likely due to the substantial cost associated with those precious TV seconds. And for some, such as Anheuser-Busch, it’s a decision to focus their attention on important issues. Instead of a Super Bowl spot, Budweiser has pledged to use their annual marketing budget toward raising awareness for the COVID-19 vaccine. They’ve donated a percentage of their 2021 advertising airtime to the COVID Collaborative’s Vaccine Education Initiative, and plan to support the mission with additional campaigns throughout the year. They will certainly be missed this year, but we commend their commitment to building a better future. Which commercials are you most excited to see? For those who just can’t wait, you can watch all of the Super Bowl LV ads that have been released so far, here.


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