Count Blessings, Not Calories

The past year has been difficult for many reasons. As we reflect back on everything that’s happened, it’s easy to write it off as a wash. However, we recognize that no matter how crazy things get, there’s always reasons to be grateful. And while this year has challenged us to overcome new obstacles and rethink how we operate, it’s also allowed us to grow exponentially and we couldn’t celebrate Thanksgiving without counting our blessings. So, check out our list of gratitude and let us know what you’re grateful for this year. 

1. Our team. 

Our passionate team of creatives has proven that they are resilient and unbeatable. Through lost work due to COVID-19, working from home, and being under newfound pressure to learn new technologies, they have persevered. Our team displayed the most valuable asset of all this year: the dedication and commitment to never give up.

2. Advancements in technology.

With the culmination of so many new technologies including motion control robotics, LED, and advanced camera tracking, virtual production became accessible. With restrictions on travel and the need for controlled environments, it provided us a solution to safe production during a critical time and helped future proof our industry. 

3. New Murals. 

As you may know, our non-profit arm, The Tampa Foundation, helps fund and execute murals to inspire the community through positive, public art. While several of our projects were placed on hold at the beginning of the year, we were able to bring new murals to the grounds of Mort Elementary and begin working on several downtown projects. We can’t wait to unveil more new artwork next year!

4. Growth and expansion. 

We’re grateful for our new team members who are ready to take on 2021 with us! Recently, we added a Jr. Marketing Coordinator to our team, a full-time Production Coordinator, and a new Producer. They may not have been with us long, but they already feel like family. 

5. Our friends and followers. 

Last, but not least, we are thankful for our incredible network of friends and community members. The support that we receive through social media and in our community gives us the motivation to keep improving. We want to make you proud and we can’t wait for another year of creating content with you. 

Even though our Thanksgiving celebrations may look a bit different this year, we hope that yours is filled with quality time, good food, and warm memories. Happy Thanksgiving from our Diamond View family to yours!


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