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Let’s be honest, no one loves when their favorite show is interrupted by an advertisement. But, most of us do love a good story. That’s why at Diamond View we’ve always focused on telling stories that matter and leading with emotion to forge a deeper connection with our audience. 

Not only do we like to create videos, but we like to watch them too! People always ask where we draw our inspiration from, and the truth is, we get most inspired when we’re moved to emotion by other filmmaker’s work, including commercials and short films. Below, we’ve rounded up a list of our favorite advertisements that tie in all of the best elements of storytelling and emotion to accelerate a brand forward. 

  1. Zappos – “Box Home” 

This commercial for an online shoe retailer takes the cake for tugging on our heartstrings. Rather than creating a traditional ad, Zappos leaned into a greater purpose when creating this short film for their #ImNotABox campaign in 2016. The video follows a young boy who displays incredible empathy and compassion for a homeless man he sees while riding the bus. In the end, he creates a makeshift cardboard home for the man using items he gathers from around his house. Zappos further explained their mission stating, “[We] created the film to challenge viewers to not only “open up and look inside” the box, but also themselves…Not only do we want customers to know we genuinely care about their needs, but we also hope to inspire people to become the best version of themselves and to see the world from a new perspective.” 

  1. Volvo – “Moments”

This Volvo advertisement stands out because of the way it evokes such strong emotions by exposing the fragility of life. It uses a parallel narrative structure to build a unique scenario that doesn’t reveal itself until the very end – adding a surprise element for the viewer. On the one hand, a young girl is preparing for her first day of school and her mom indicates that she’s entering a right of passage that opens the door to the rest of her life. In 3 minutes, the possibilities of her entire life unfold before our eyes. On the other hand, we see moments of a woman running late and rushing to work in her Volvo. At the convergence of the two stories the viewer experiences a wave of emotions and finally realizes the significance of the brand and their message. See for yourself and try not to cry!

  1. Volkswagon – “The Force”

Leave it to a Super Bowl commercial to give us some half-time entertainment! In this video, the viewer is easily amused, which we all know is the best medicine and coincidentally, one of the best tools for creating a memorable ad experience. This commercial which first aired in 2011, uses the traditional narrative arc, plays into the nostalgia hidden in all of us, and aligns itself with another pop culture phenomenon – Star Wars – which made it an instant hit! Watch the full spot to see a young boy try to harness ‘the force’ and how he accomplishes it with a little help from Dad. 

These are just a few examples of why we passionately embrace the power of a good story. Even short stories like these ads have the ability to move us to tears, make us laugh, and teach us something about the human experience. What are some of your favorite commercials? 


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