Introducing Vū Panels: A New Vū on Virtual Production 

You know all about Vū, but do you know about the panels powering the 3,600 square feet of enclosed LED? Here’s what you need to know about Vū Panels

  • Long-Format. Vū Panels are 40” X 20”, designed with an aspect ratio of 2:1 to allow us to build a larger wall more efficiently. 
  • HDR for Enhanced Color & Brightness. Equipped with HDR and 16BIT grayscale, Vū Panels deliver a wider color gamut including the deepest blacks and whitest whites. The 3840 Hz refresh rate promises exceptional on-camera visual effects.
  • Ultra Black Technology. Vū Panels utilize small, non-reflective LEDs, combined with a super black mask balancing them for extremecontrast. Uniformity of the pixels provides the highest image quality.
  • Color Uniformity & Resolution. Panels have a low voltage output forproper heat dissipation, color consistency, and uniformity. Panels are offered in 1200 NIT for indoor applications and 4500 NIT for outdoor use.
  • Practical Performance. Panels are available in both flat and curved options for customized configuration to best suit any size space or volume. 
  • Smart Panels. Each panel is equipped with a detachable module making for easy repairs or replacement.
  • Quick-Lock Technology. Panels use a quick lock system for easy set up in under one hour. 
  • Flicker Free. Vū Panels are guaranteed to be flicker freeto ensure the highest quality in-camera images for virtual production. 

Panels come in 2.9 or 3.9 pixel pitch (which measures the amount of space between each pixel). 3.9 pixel pitch panels have a minimum viewing distance of 15 ft, while the 2.9 panels have a minimum viewing distance of 11 ft. Vū is also the first in the market to offer a transparent ceiling panel, a true game-changer for virtual productions. The translucent ceiling panels feature a newly engineered pixel suspension system that allows light and theatrical effects to pass directly through the back of the panels without affecting the image quality of the video.

We also teamed up with Mo-Sys Engineering, to create the first-ever in panel tracking solution for LED volumes. The patent-pending ceiling panels feature retro-reflective technology integrated directly into the panel. The reflectors on each panel triangulate the camera’s positional data with the Mo-Sys StartTracker system while not obscuring the LED Pixels. 

Virtual production has given us more creative freedom, and allowed us to innovate in new and exciting ways. Virtual sets are the future of our industry, and with Vū Panels, we hope to make this technology accessible to everyone. Recently, we created turnkey volume solutions, making it easy to bundle all of the technology you need to get your studio off the ground. Read more about our Vū Panels Turnkey Volume Packages, and visit to customize a package.

Three turnkey LED Volume solutions: Vū Essential, Vū Pro, Vū Max (from left to right)

Please contact us for purchase inquiries, 1-800-613-9693.


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