Breaking Down 6 Vū Technology Partners & What They Do

It’s difficult to articulate just how much power and technology is behind a virtual production house like Vū. As a fairly new form of production, it’s only been made possible recently with the culmination of multiple advanced technologies. So, today we’re taking a closer look at our industry-leading technology partners, and how they make virtual production possible at Vū. 

Unreal EngineThe creation of virtual environments for extended reality filming would not be possible without Unreal Engine. In case you aren’t familiar with Unreal Engine, it’s the technology used to design popular video games such as Fortnite and Mortal Kombat. Essentially, Unreal Engine is the software that allows us to customize unique virtual environments to be projected onto the volume for a virtual shoot. It’s also responsible for translating the incoming visual data to a real-time render during a shoot. 

Mo-SysUK-based company, Mo-Sys Engineering, specializes in advanced camera tracking technology. Mo-Sys is best known for producing the camera-mounted tracking equipment responsible for providing positional data of the camera so as to change the perspective of the virtual background in real-time. However, we teamed up with Mo-Sys to create the first-ever in-panel tracking solution for LED volumes. At Vū, we designed lightweight ceiling panels with Mo-Sys tracking stars embedded into the design. This way, the system is able to receive positional data without a tracker attached to the camera. Plus, it provides individuals who are new to the virtual production space, a more efficient way to purchase and build a studio that’s ready for virtual production.

MRMCMark Roberts Motion Control is the European company responsible for building our high-speed Bolt Robot. With only a handful of these types of robots in the world, the engineers at MRMC have changed the way we capture video. Not only is it a great tool for capturing all of the action, but it was “born” to work in perfect harmony with virtual production. Learn more about what the Bolt can do here

AputureThis lighting powerhouse is to thank for the advanced composition of our visuals. Aputure lights are powerful, user friendly, and well-built. Their innovative features like lighting effects and DMX allow us to have maximum control whether in studio or on-location. At Vū, they’re especially useful because they’re bright enough to create a dynamic look inside the massive volume, without requiring a large amount of power.

NvidiaWithout Nvidia, it simply would not be possible to power Vū. The volume requires an immense amount of computational power which is processed using Nvidia graphics cards. This allows us to create a dynamic, photorealistic environment that is simulated and rendered in real-time through Unreal Engine. Nvidia’s technology also allows us to create a computer cluster which means we can easily scale up the physical size of our volume when necessary.

SonySony is an industry leader in imaging technology. The Sony Venice film camera provides high dynamic range and best-in-class color science. This means that our blacks are more true and colors are more accurate, both of which are aspects of filmmaking that are more important than ever during virtual production.

As you can see, it takes a village to power virtual production. We’re grateful for our partnerships with these industry leaders who help us provide our clients with the most cutting-edge technology and top-notch results. Read more about Vū here, or visit our new site


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