Vū is a 10,000 square foot technologically advanced virtual production studio and home to the largest LED volume in the world.
"Vū" is a play on Diamond View's name and the unit of measure for volume.
The ability to mix live footage and computer graphics at once, to get real-time feedback, and to make decisions on set about the VFX and animation.
In filmmaking terms, a “volume” generally refers to an enclosed space where motion capture and real time compositing take place.
Vū is located at 2127 East Fowler Avenue & Club Drive, Tampa, FL 33612.
Vū is being built at “Rithm At Uptown”; a multi-use technology and innovation development. Rithm At Uptown will be one of the largest, mixed-use innovation communities in the state with capacity for over 7 million square feet of development, including several thousand residential units.
Vū is set to open in January of 2021, just in time for the largest entertainment event of the year: Super Bowl LV. The Superbowl is being hosted just a few miles from the new studio at Raymond James Stadium.
Vū is owned and operated by Diamond View and supported by the Tampa Bay Film Commission with the purpose of serving the Tampa Bay area through high-end virtual production. It is the mission of Vū to enrich the Uptown Tampa Bay community by offering a community resource in which local and international productions of all sizes can take place.