We are a passionate group of creatives who believe that great stories have the power to inspire. We believe in art over ads. That's why we don't just make videos you can watch, we make videos you can feel.


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Tim Moore


Three time Emmy award-winning director, Tim has worked on thousands of videos over the years, and brings a fresh new perspective to each project. In the office, he is notorious for mooching on other peoples’ food and playing practical jokes on visitors. He believes everything is better in SloMo… like everything! His favorite color is 14-bit and he is constantly nerding out on the newest technology. All in all, Tim is one creative dude with the technical know-how to get the job done!

Jonathan Davila

Vice President

Jonathan (Jon) Davila is the Vice President of Diamond View. When he’s not out studying the dictionary or thesaurus you can find him directing day to day operations, strategizing the growth of the company, and facilitating major client interface. Fun fact? Jon is a bone marrow donor. No. Big. Deal. All in a day’s work.
Jeffrey McKown General Manager

Jeffrey McKown

General Manager

Jeffrey, a Tampa native, comes to us with over 24 years’ experience in the video production field. He is the mack-daddy of General Managers and knows everybody in this business. He is known for his punctuality and his stylish shirts. He runs a tight ship – keeps everyone on track with their shoot schedules and we couldn’t run this place without him. Fun fact? Jeff worked with CBS when they were in Tampa for the Superbowl in 2000.
Zoe Seroky Director of Marketing

Zoe Seroky

Director of Marketing

As Director of Marketing, Zoe is responsible for developing communication and marketing strategies that advance our brand, and make us look good. After spending nearly a decade working in PR and marketing for multimillion dollar brands and startups alike, Zoe truly understands how to connect with audiences in a meaningful way. She holds a Masters in PR and Corporate Communications from Georgetown University.
Susan Mulvey Executive Producer

Susan Mulvey

Executive Producer

Susan is a dual citizen of USA and the Republic of Ireland. She is a proud equestrian – English – not western. She played D1 field hockey at Penn State as a goalkeeper and has a significant other named Mike Tyson. No, not that one.
Anthony Santa Director of Business Development

Anthony Santa

Director of Business Development

As a proud Saint Leo University graduate and former collegiate baseball player, Anthony brings communication and organizational leadership to Diamond View. He basically keeps things running smoothly. Anthony could plan, organize, and lead his way through a hurricane and come out the other side with a plate of freshly baked cookies. He’s the key link between the clients and the company, which makes him the perfect fit to manage our strategic partnership and client relationship divisions. When he’s not out meeting with clients you can often find this Puerto Rican native in the wrestling ring with a microphone in hand!
Erin Cullaro Executive Coordinator

Erin Cullaro

Executive Coordinator

Erin joins us from the corporate world where she worked as an attorney for over 23 years. She now spends her days keeping Diamond View running smoothly and everyone on track. She loves being around so many millennials and learns new things from them every day. Erin claims that Diamond View is the best place she’s ever worked because the environment is so positive and she’d probably be bored senseless working anywhere else.
Nick Rua Creative Director

Nick Rua

Creative Director

Nick is a DVS veteran and has almost 8 years of professional experience, offering a young and fresh perspective to the projects that come in. With extensive technical skill in camera operation, editing, and design, Nick is a powerhouse of creativity. Famous for his random funny videos and impeccable dancing skills, nobody knows what Nick will say or do next – but that’s why we love him!
Ryan Sebastyan Lead Editor

Ryan Sebastyan

Lead Editor

Pour some sugar on this guy – Ryan is our resident Def Leppard fan. And when we say “fan”, we mean fanatic – he’s a Def Leppard groupie to the core – so much so, that he now works with them on several projects! When he’s not editing or photographing his favorite band, he is globetrotting the world – from Japan, to Iceland, to England – this Canada native is all “aboot” exploring and diving into other cultures, eh?
Will Shanahan - Director

Will Shanahan


Will began his career in network television and, for the past five years, has been directing videos in the commercial realm. Will has done work for various national brands, agencies, and clients across many industries. No matter the industry, Will takes a cinematic and authentic approach to video and strives to bring out humanity in his work. Most videos target people’s eyes, ears, and minds – but he aims for their heart.

PJ Accetturo


PJ Accetturo is an award-winning filmmaker who began his career documenting medical transformations on a hospital ship in West Africa. By the age of 18, he was first published in National Geographic and featured on the Discovery Channel for his near-death experiences filming poor working conditions in developing world nations.

His style combines the gritty style of Cinéma vérité from his years as a photojournalist with bold cinematic images from his years as a narrative director. For over 10 years, he’s been an advocate of social entrepreneurship and has traveled the world, creating compelling stories for both non-profits and fortune 500 companies alike.

Alvin Renz Director of Photography

Alvin Renz

Director of Photography

At a young age, Alvin was inspired to be creative by his love for photography. He traveled to different countries to study the craft and explore its distinctive culture. As he got older, filmmaking caught his attention and Alvin studied film at Full Sail University.

Here at Diamond View Alvin is the person to ask about camera technicalities. Alvin loves lighting and rigging huge lights. When he’s not out drifting his car, Alvin’s making short films with his chipmunk pals. He’s always only a shout away – ALVIN!!!!

Jonathan Latimer Director of Business Development

Jonathan Latimer

Director of Business Development

Jonathan (JL or J-Lat) Latimer took on editing in college and hated it…which is why he’s our Director of Business Development. When JL isn’t busy networking and building new relationships for Diamond View, JL enjoys bartending in the evenings – so we all know who to go to after a long day. Fun fact? JL is 100% Puerto Rican and Spanish was his first language.
Joe Pelham Cinematographer

Joe Pelham


Coming from the skateboarding industry, Joe has a unique point of view on the video world with a no fear attitude towards trying new and creative techniques. He’s even been to Tony Hawk’s House! As a Cinematographer at Diamond View, Joe does it all. From shooting to editing, he really is the man to get it done!
Vanessa Rao Production Coordinator

Vanessa Rao

Production Coordinator

As Production Coordinator, Vanessa does it all – with style! Calm, cool and collected, she makes a shoot look like a walk in the park. From organizing props, to booking talent, to making travel arrangements, Vanessa is one smooth operator. Although she is our sophisticated and cultured import from Canada – don’t be fooled, she also plays a mean game of 2-ball! When you see her, be sure to ask her how she feels about Eminem.

Cory Draper


From a young age, Cory has always been a storyteller, lost within the pages of notebooks and bringing ideas to life through the camera lens. His passion for visual storytelling lead him to pursue a degree in Broadcast and Production from the University of South Florida where he embraced a career as a video editor. He also loves movies and the art of filmmaking. And if he’s not behind a computer editing or working on a story, he’s at the movie theater watching the latest A24 release.

Wes Eldridge

Director of Photography

Born and raised in South Africa, Wes brings us his fresh and unique perspective to create stunning visual stories. Wes has many years of shooting and editing experience leading him to pursue a degree in Broadcast and Production from the University of South Florida – Go Bulls! No matter how stressful a shoot may get, he always keeps a level head and gets things done.

Hayley Phillips

Marketing Assistant

Hayley graduated with honors from USF with a degree in Mass Communications and Broadcast Journalism. She has found her passion in marketing and public relations with experience in social media, events planning, and community outreach. A Florida native, she loves the beach and spends her free time enjoying brunch with friends and writing for her lifestyle blog.

Taby Pearce


Taby has extensive experience as a video editor with a background in national television, Disney on Ice, and Marvel Universe Live. Aside from editing, Taby is an accomplished violinist having played for over 20 years and has performed with the Georgia Symphony, the Sarasota Pops Orchestra, and had solo at Carnegie Hall in New York City in 2010. The music doesn't stop there though, along with playing 10 other instruments she also hand carves and sells custom stamps as well as considering herself a Disney historian. If you don't find her at Disney World on the weekends, she'll most likely be hiking, kayaking, or tearing it up on Super Smash Bros.
Charles Myers Cinematographer

Charles Myers


If you look up the definition of “clutch” player in the dictionary, you will see this guy’s picture. Charlie comes to us from the University of South Florida where he realized he had a passion for video. He’s an old soul with a love for all things film and if you start a movie conversation with him it’ll be the best part of his day. From shooting to editing to holding down his title as reigning Fortnite King, this guy’s talent knows no limits or bounds – we love this guy!
Jason Blanc Cinematographer

Jason Blanc


Jason (Jay-Bird or just “bird”) Blanc was born of Caribbean parents and comes to us from the great state of Alabama – he is our very own Caribbean Redneck. His passion is filmmaking and he loves being on shoots of all sizes. You can usually find him working hard on set or playing 2ball in the parking lot. When he has spare time you’ll probably find him combing his flowing locks or thinking about Fortnite.
Jack Tinker - Editor

Jack Tinker


Jack has a wide range of experience including video production, editing and live production. As the newest member of the Diamond View team, Jack will be a project manager and editor in our Atlanta satellite office. Jack loves a good story told well, and is passionate about the cinematography, emotion, and storytelling in his work.

Nick Morales


Mateus Inke


From soccer to Samba to some good ol' feijoada, Mateus is a proud Brazilian through and through. He is currently a student at the University of South Florida pursuing his advertising degree. When he's not attending classes or on-set with Diamond View, you may find this movie buff at the movie theater!





Set Clear Objectives & Define Success

During our initial discovery call, we will work with you to identify your main media objective(s) and brainstorm on how we can get there. From in-house production to rocket launches, our team will help you determine what your video journey looks like based on your budget and strategic goals.

Research Audience & Market

At Diamond View, we do our homework. Before diving into any creative, we take the time to independently conduct audience analysis, competitor audits and assess industry messaging to ensure maximum accuracy and precision with your emotionally-driven video campaign. We want to help you reach the right audience on time, all the time, every time.

Identify Targeted Messages

Once we understand your goals, primary target audience and state of affairs within your industry, we work with you to define and perfect core messages. These core messages set the stage for developing your story and laying a strong foundation for your script.

Develop Creative Concept

Story first, always. Together, this is when we begin to dream big and develop a creative narrative that will have a lasting impression on your audience.

Script & Storyboard

Once we have ‘The Big Idea’ we don’t walk, we run! We brief the entire team on all the details of your project: Our producers begin the pre-pro process, our story architects begin to craft the script and storyboard, our crew starts putting together their game plan while our marketing team begins drafting digital promotional material to support your goals.


Before “lights, camera, action!” a lot of work takes place. Our producers, some of the most organized people you will ever meet, begin putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. From booking talent; securing wardrobe, hair and makeup; and tech scouting location(s) for your shoot, we ensure all aspects are in place for a seamless shoot experience.


It’s go time! On shoot day(s), you can expect a lot of fun! We’ve heard we’re a good time, but we’ll leave that for you to decide. Our crew will oversee every aspect of your shoot, from talent management to perfect set design, you won’t hear “that’s a wrap!” until we know we have the perfect footage.


Magic doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Our editing team are truly magicians. They see the end product from a pile of raw footage and know, every time, where things can be enhanced with coloring, sound design and special effects. Once we feel confident your video is ready, we bring you in for a live editing session or send you the video file for review. We will work with you until you’re over-the-moon with your end product and can’t wait to share it with your viewers.

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